Monday, March 31, 2008

JSCM team

Hi again. After talking to SDrifter,we made it clear that he had permissions to modify those cars,and he didnt know the RSX was made by Sharant2,they got it from someone else who stole it. They removed that RSX after Sharant2 told them. Excuse me,JSCM,i didnt know about these things..


I've been digging around.. and... i've found THIS... THIS IS MY FUCKING R35!!! I'VE CONVERTED IT FROM NFS BY 3 WEEKS OF FUCKIN HARD WORK!! HE EVEN USED A DEFAULT PJ MADE BY MUMMI... this is pathetic. If you wouldnt believe me,here's the proof:
MY R35

it was uploaded by Piohh on 10,March. Mimiss put this up on 28.

About JSCM team and everyone else,who jerks around.

As you might have noticed,i've been keeping speaking about permissions all the time. Yeah,i do. Converting a car takes about a month if you wanna make a quality mesh. We only release them so you (players) could get it. We dont have to release them,and if you jerk around I'll convince a lot of modders not to do so. Asking for a permission aint a long process,you can get forum URL's from the readme files,then reg there (there are more than 1 modders on a forum like that),and write a letter. Usually you get a reply in 1-2 days. Otherwise,if you jerk around with a totally scratch-made car,you can be sued for violating international copyright laws. I know this post wouldnt do much of a change in here,but posts like JSCM Team did ( http://jscm-modding.blogspot.com/ ) are really rude,violating,and retarded. I think this could be settled in peace,without telling us both that the other in a n00b. You can find a lot of modders on Ascendence ( www.ascendence.net ) and GTA-Worldmods.de forums. Remember,if modders wouldnt release their cars,you wouldnt get them,and you couldnt modify them. I hope some bloggers who are a bit more decent and have some respect for us,would keep this little note in mind.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

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So.. the Civic is released.
I've finished my Civic Coupé,I only need to make some PJs now to entitle it finished. The original was made by EA Games for NFS ProStreet. Let the pics talk 4 themselves:
Hi! I'm XSB,I'm converting cars from ProStreet,and I'm making some tuning stuffs sometimes.. Though,converting and real-life stuffs take a lot of time,so i dont focus on tuning-shits so much. I'll post some of my works here soon.