Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haman Thunder inspired BMW

So.. i've converted the E92 M3 from ProStreet. It was one of my first works (the 3rd,actually,but i did not yet release it). Lots of ppl told me they'd do this bodykit,but they didnt agree. So,i had to make it myself. The fin of the front lip is not 100% accurate,if you dont like it,screw you. It satisfies my needs. :P Pix:
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host
Moving onto the back,i'll post pics later.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

GXP release

-HERE- it is.
Don't modify (tune) it,convert it,upload it,and dont upload it as yours. I'm only sharing this with you,because i want to. If you'll modify it,i wont release anything in the future.

Updates on the GXP

I've made 2 new little things:
free image hostfree image host
And a paintjob,completely by myself (draw it on paper with a pen,the i remade it in PDN):
I'll give it to my testers,then i'll release it in the first half of the next week. And,btw,tomorrow is my 17th b-day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pontiac Soltice GXP from ProStreet

I've cut the roof down as extra,so there is 2 version: Coupé and Cabrio. I filled the gap that became after i cut the roof. Basically,i need to remap some stuff,and make the damage model,everything else is ready. Oh,yea,and the most beautiful part: I've started converting it about 3 hours ago (and i had dinner meanwhile :P:D)
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Z33 pics again

I've been working a bit on teh spoiler,and the base mesh. Now the car looks like this:
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host
Of course you can see bodykit1 on these pics,the car would come stock+tuning kits in TF. I had some probs with the tuning spoiler,you'll have to rewrite the veh_mods.dat after you'd install the car. Release might be in a week or so.

Blog wars

I've seen lots of baad things here.So,here's my opinion:
If you convert a car,you cannot prove that it was your work. You can only prove that you had permission or not. The fact,that really pisses me off,is that no one gives a crap about others.. You really need to grow up,and take care of each other,otherwise it wouldnt work for a long time...

Friday, April 11, 2008

350Z - new spoiler

Hi,everyone! As you might know,i'm working on the Z for a month now.. The two BKs are converted,damage mesh made for the base model,and I got some stuff from Steve.. Now i've converted a spoiler from Juiced2 (thank you,Diesel,for the S15 Silvia rip),here are some beta pics:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Music player

I've added music player with songs from my favourite band. If you dont like it,use the pause ( || ) button,or mute firefox.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spoiler modeling..

Ey,all! I've made a spoiler in MAX. Of course i used the old modeler's technique,so i made the left half of it only (I'll mirror it in ZM later). My problem is that i cannot import the 3DS file into ZMod (959KBytes,withouth the spoiler base,and the right half).. Could someone give me a hand?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mimiss again

I'm pissed off. This lil jerk keeps fuckin with cars,that he would have nothing to do with! He doesnt have permissions,but he doesnt even credit the original author. Though i would accept it if he would do great mods. But he isnt. He has about 2-3 types of subwoofers,and these kinda stuffs (which doesnt look good,believe me),and he throws them up on all cars. Once,he stole my R35,and Kotton's SSS,too! He removed both since,but he didnt apologise,or anything. The thing I'd like to say is:



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Acura NSX - Work in progress...

Ey. I've started this a while ago,i have about 20 wips ATM :D. This car only needs a damage mesh,and i'm gonna convert the bodykits,too. Here are some pics:
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host