Thursday, July 10, 2008

G35 again :D

This time, i've continued modeling audio stuffs. Now it looks like this and has 7800 something polies.
free image hostfree image host
I've also made a new front bumper :) It looks similar to the R35 GTR's front.
free image hostfree image host

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

update on G35

So now i managed to convert the skirts by Salim, the whole APR kit (besides the spoiler, which we both hate) is ready, mapped, and ingame. I wanted to put something scratch to the car,so i modeled an audio system to the rear. It has 4704 polies.
free image hostfree image hostfree image host

Monday, July 7, 2008

Scratch working

I've been a bit bored recently, so i've started modeling. Again.:D This time, i made a twin exhaust and an intercooler. I had problems with the intercooler (the normals were fucked up), but Salim helped me with those as well and now they're all cool.
free image host
BTW I've tought SDrifter how to model a new exhaust.. its fuckin simple :P
I still want to make stuffs (like gauges,etc..) but i dont have that much time. I made that exhaust in 3 minutes, and the intercooler in 10-15 (besides the fixing of the normals bug). So guys, its fucking easy, you just have to take your fucking time instead of using other guys' work.