Thursday, August 28, 2008

BMW M3 CSL G-Power

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The original was the M3 CSL from Juiced 2, converted by me

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog apologising

I went to supralov3r's blog and i saw this:

"Kalash: "man,i delete my copy of your supra...and now peace!" "

you all can have your own opinion,but mine is,that he just made himself a bigger ass, even bigger than he was. Uhhm.. if its possible to be a bigger ass then he was.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Romanian bloggers.

Ok,this is the end. So far,i've been cool with most of you,but from this time,its over. Someone uploaded Supralov3r's Veilside Supra to gtainside, claiming it Shake's,Kalash's,and SangerSpy's. What i want to say is that WE ARE OVER.

edit: since i know Jan from GTAInside, i contacted him about this "missunderstanding",and the car has now been removed, and the good one is about to be uploaded soon.

Ricerz PWND! dont try to mess with us, you simply cant.

Romanian fag called Kalash

This ass showed up again,spamming my shoutbox with romanian words. Seems that SA Blogging community has their won suckers now - romanian asses. I have some romanian friends, like ALEXE, King George, VladyF,and some others,but this ass ruins their reputation as well.

Stop crewing around with me till i'm calm, cause if i get upset,i'm gonna travel to Romania,and beat your asses up! (I live in hungary,and i have some real-life friends from Romania who are willing to help me in ANYTHING.)

Ricers' reinforcements.

I guess you all heard about this Kalash-named ass. I know there have been thieves around, and that people modded others cars without permission, but still. This stuff IS tough. Stealing Supralov3r's car one in one,changing the seats and bumpers,and then calling it your owns.. I guess you all know what my problem is. It would be OK if you'd be such big pussies that you cant even convert your own shit, but if you have no moral sense and style, get lost.

So he's the first RT (ricer thief) on my blacklist. If you want a nice place on that list, just check what he does, and copy his style.. what he obviously doesnt have.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've started it last night, its ingame now,all lights mapped,etc.. all shits are OK,only damages are left to be done. Pix 4 u:
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C&C are welcome

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Music players

Most of you have a music player on your blogs, which starts playing your shit as soon as i hit the blog up. I always listen to MY musics, so it is really annoying to hear other stuffs.. Why do you need to have all these shits on the blogs?

Friday, August 8, 2008

ZModeler and shits..

As a lot of you might already know,i have 2.1.1. I've got about 5 messages on MSN, only today, asking me to pass 2.1.1. Please, DONT ask for ZMod, i WONT give it to anyone, especially not, because most of you dont really deserve even a small favor from me, since most of you can ONLY ask for favors, and do none.

you can buy a registration license from Oleg for about 50 US dollars. Either do it, or start learning max, or I DONT CARE, but STOP SPAMMING ME!

Anyone,who dares asking 2.1.1 or 2.1.0 or anything else from me would have his/her e-mail and MSN adress added to some porno sites' newsletter list. If you spam me hard, i'll seach and find a gay porno newsletter,and add you there as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

shit about reflections

I had a problem with my scratch-wheel's reflection ingame. In ZMod,it worked all OK tho. So, i mapped the rim,cause i wanted it mapped lol. Then, i exported it,and weeeee,it all worked. So i thought that maybe this caused the reflection error on my subwoofers. And i mapped them too. And yeee! They work now as well. So if some of you would start to make a scratch project,map it first. No matter,how, but it needs mapping.

About shit thats happening around here - V2.0

I really got bored of this childish game. This 'You suck!' - 'No! YOU suck!'.. this thing reminds me when i was 4 yrs old.. that was the last time I did things like that. Things like this is not only embarassing and immature, but totally senseless. Competition about who's better? WHO THE FUCK CARES? I only do mods because I want to. I want go make MYSELF some good things.. only sometimes,very rarely, i do mods for others, who i really like.. There arent many people like that on the net. So far, they are EZE, Falken, ALEXE, and.. actually, i dont really know anyone else who'd ask me to make mods for them.

So.back on topic: What do you want to achieve? What is the aim? What sense would this all make? Annoying each other, competiting about whose brain would explode first? Yea, you ARE kids, SO AM I. But, what then? Our fun should be PLAYING, not screwing around with each other.. I understand some parts,tho. For example,there are guys, who ONLY say hello on MSN when they need something. A good example for this is Dari92. When a window opened with his name, i already knew that he needs something to be helped with,or something to be done. For the REAL friends of mine, i do almost everything.. I started this Fiat Coupé from Juiced2 90% because i wanted to put Falken into a better mood. I'm working on the car for the second week now,and every time i send him an update,or tell him about the new features i want to put on the car,he seems to be happier. And, believe me, the feeling that you made someone happier is a lot better then revenge. I tried both, in ways that you cant even explain.

Soo.. if you keep on screwing with each other, you're gonna have a lot less time for everything else. The best you all could do is to ignore EVERYONE ELSE besides YOURSELF, and you're gonna feel a lot better.. And for those, who wanna screw around still:
You are not real modders. You're just wannabe childs, who'll never reach anything in real life. Get to a psychologist, either Daddy used to beat the family,or IDK, but you have serious problems...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fiat Coupé

Hi again! I've converted the Fiat Coupé from Juiced2 some time ago,for m Italian friend, Falken. I wanted to give him a unique gift,so i made an audio system. I used my subwoofers made quite a long time ago, but i had to model the trunk intake,and i modeled the AMP. The AMP only is 10K polies. The rest is mid-poly. I needed to make the wires hi-poly,cause shits like that cannot be made lo-poly. Here's a ZM pic.:
free image host