Friday, November 14, 2008

No further releases

Hi! I'm posting this to let everyone know that i'm outta scenemodding. Since Sagara stole and riced my R34 without my permission,i felt less and less need to release anything.. I work really hard on all my cars, and i do that so others can ENJOY and NOT STEAL my work. I wont work for others (unless they pay me lol).

Yea,the main point now is to put pressure on Sagara..

Just to tease you guys,i'm gonna show you 2 other things.
First, Dodge Charger DUB Edition
I modeled the wheels from scratch, modified the window and body materials, and modified the exhaust.

The original Charger R/T (also converted by me,all ready):

Everything is ready, even the RAR is packed, and i wanted to release them both when i heard about my R34 being stolen. So basically, no one will get candies until Sagara removes my R34 and SharanT2's 350Z VeilSide.

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Question Your Truths said...

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